Sunday, October 11, 2015

Generosity is a gift from God
Oct 11,2015 

The “D” word … discipline. Too often it smacks of “chores,” things we know we should do, but really would rather not. Our faith invites us to think on disciplines of spirit in a little different way. Spiritual practices and disciplines are actually ways of cultivating the gifts God has already placed within us. In his book, Giving to God, Mark Allan Powell quotes another author on the fruits of giving as a spiritual discipline:
"Generosity is central to the very heart and nature of God. God’s call for us to be generous, to share readily and even sacrificially of the gifts we’ve received, brings us closer to that loving heart and nature. We are most like God when we give."

- Donald Hinze
Blessings to all who come forward to serve and lead in worship at Abiding Love!
- Pastor Brad Highum