Sunday, July 30, 2017

The Kingdom of Heaven July 30,2017

╬ “I want to walk as a child of the light.
I want to follow Jesus!”
╬ The words of this wonderful hymn frame the life of true
discipleship. We have heard Jesus’ call to “Follow,” the
blessed invitation to make the journey of life in step with him. In this Pentecost season – the time of the church – the people of God seek to live out all that Jesus has revealed about God … the way and the truth that leads to life. The good news is that we don’t make that journey alone. We go together, in the company of one another, filled with the Spirit and walking the path with the One who has come to make all things new.
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Focus for the Day:
╬ “The Kingdom of Heaven”
Jesus speaks of the “kingdom of heaven” in tantalizing and mysterious ways. He uses
parables to make us think and probe for the deeper truths that God is revealing.
These stories are filled with paradox and irony and unexpected twists and turns. But one constant remains: this “kingdom” he is talking about is not some distant reality,
beyond this life; it is a present potential reality, waiting to break free in the midst of the world. Jesus invites all who will follow to enter into this kingdom reality God is calling
forth in the here and now, and to let nothing come between us and the love and goodness of God.