Sunday, April 1, 2018

Raised With Him 4-1-2018

Easter Sunday Service - 8:30 and 11:00 

╬   The empty cross.  The empty tomb.  He is not here. He is risen. He goes before you … Jesus’ followers can scarcely believe their senses as the resurrected Christ is revealed.  Yet from the tomb, to the upper room and fanning out across the land, the word goes forth:  He is risen indeed!  His faithful, enduring presence is made known to his disciples and to the wider world.  And we, too, are raised with him, to live our lives as the resurrected people of God.

PRAYER OF THE DAY ---------------------------------------------- 
God of grace, in the resurrection of Christ you have put to death forever anything that can separate us from you.  In raising your Christ as Lord of Life, you have raised us to live resurrected lives in him.  Open our eyes to see him in the midst of the world.  Open our hearts to receive him as your gift of light and love for a world in need.  Amen.
 Blessings all! 
- Pr. Brad Highum