Sunday, June 4, 2017

Pentecost June 4

Worship on June 4 … Pentecost Sunday!
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We move from our exploration of the I AM revelations of Jesus into a new season of focus on a living faith response to the Gospel:  centered in Christ’s call to “Follow!”  

╬ “The Day of Pentecost has come.”
In Jesus’ time, Pentecost is already an ancient celebration with profound significance and meaning for the Jews.   Commemorating the time of God’s revelation at Sinai, the people of Israel receive their calling:  to live in righteous obedience to God’s law.  In our Acts story today, we participate in a new revelation of God, blowing like a freshening breeze among the people, setting their hearts on fire.  And we receive the calling of the Gospel on our lives:  to live the way and truth God has revealed in Christ; to follow as he leads.